Elbow Pads


Elbow Pads


The BEST elbow & forearm protection for krawling... PERIOD!

  • Thick Padding
  • Adjustable Strapping System
  • Designed for Comfort

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  • These are the best pads available at a great price.
  • Made for inspectors and contractors - Designed and tested by inspectors/contractors.
  • After years of endless searching and testing, we are pleased to be able to offer the first KrawlGear Elbow and Forearm Pad. These are the result of, and reflect thousands of hours of searching, testing, evaluation and design. We believe you will find these to be the best elbow pad solution for krawling.
  • The ultimate in elbow and forearm protection
  • Fits under coveralls
  • Padding thick enough to do the job yet thin enough to be comfortable
  • Thin knit for comfort on inside of arm
  • Double strapping system and formed profile keeps the pad properly positioned and elbow and forearm protected while on the move
  • One size fits most

Craig's Review

We have reviewed or tested just about every elbow pad out there. Most of the pads that we reviewed had obvious short comings when used for krawling. Many looked promising, but didn't cut-it when tested for the rigors of krawling. Some pads were OK for the forearm but not for the elbow. Others were thick enough, but would not stay positioned, still, other elbow pads actually caused stress to the shoulder.

Since the KG Elbow and Forearm Pad is our own product, my review is redundant in that we would not offer it if we didn't believe it was the best pad available for krawling... period! The pad design is the result of and reflects thousands of hours of searching, testing and evaluation. I invite you to look at the comments in our review section and read what other users have to say about the pads.