Krawl Kap Light "Cosmo"


Krawl Kap Light "Cosmo"

  • Spot light for distance viewing
  • LED light for general lighting
  • Clip onto the Krawl Kap (adjustment band) or use with the  included strap
  • Perfect for emergency lighting
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  • Hands free / Head mounted
  • General lighting
  • Distance viewing
  • Emergency lighting
  • Wear on head with included strap

Duane's Review

I love this spotlight! I turn on the Kap Spot Light the second I enter the crawlspace. I have attached it to my Krawl Kap at the adjustment area because I wear my Krawl Kap backwards to prevent sight obstruction from the bill & also to help keep spiders & debris off my neck.  This gives me additional light as I am Krawling no matter what direction I am looking. To save battery power, I turn my flashlight off when taking pictures or going under obstacles. The spotlight continually gives me illumination allowing me to see that beam or cast iron pipe on the other side. The flashlight will sometimes lose power in a large crawlspace. I have actually had to finish an inspection using the Kap Spotlight! That was so much better than Krawling back to the access opening, going to my car & getting another flashlight! I used to take with me a small spare flashlight that would fit into my pocket. I got tired of this flashlight hanging up on beams, pipes, etc. This small flashlight would also cause discomfort when I would have to roll over onto my back. I never thought I would like this Krawl Kap & Kap Spotlight set up, but I was wrong! I definitely recommend you try it!