Craig's Review
While testing the Krawl Kap I was surprised at how many times I bumped by head and was thankful to be wearing it. This is a new solution to an old problem and one very much appreciated by just about everyone who has seen it.
The Krawl Kap provides protection against bumps with it's inner plastic shell and keeps the dirt and insulation out of your neck and off of your head.
Duane's Review
For years I have been using a baseball cap turned backwards to keep spiders & insulation off my neck while in attics & crawlspaces. This only partially protected my scalp from bumps & scrapes. Nails still found their way to my skull. This Krawl Kap has a comfortable hard shell interior. I have hit my head on a beam, nails & a steel brace while wearing the Krawl Kap & NO scrapes or bumps on my scalp! My head does sweat a little more, but well worth saving my skin! I highly recommend this product!