Just purchased Krawler used for first time yesterday, in a word awesome, I install water softeners so "I don't always crawl, but when I do, I prefer Krawler"!
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by Malcolm Fay
Culligan Waterco
added: Friday 09 January, 2015
I have had both versions of the Krawler (large and medium) and have to say that this is the most useful tool I have in my vehicle! If you crawl under houses for a living....termite guys, property inspector, foundation inspectors....this is a must have!
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by John van de Groenekan
Guardian Termite Inspection Services
Added: Sunday 14 July, 2013
I've had my Krawler for about a month. I ordered it after I blew my ACL & MCL out of my right knee. Without this unit I'd be out of business. I still cannot bend my knee more than 70 degrees, but with the krawler I can still inspect houses. Thanks, for a great product. Chris
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by Chris Lepper
Mid Valley Termite
Added: Monday 14 May, 2012
I've had my Krawler for a couple years now and I am 1000 percent satisfied.
This is must for guys in our profession.  I had surgery on my rotator cuff last year and I need the other one repaired in the near future. If only this was available 25 years ago. .....I probably would not be falling apart. The Krawler makes going under houses fun... Well almost.
I'd crawl a mile for a Krawler!
Thanks Guys !
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by Mark Rodriguez
Tyler Termite Control Inc
Added: Friday 18 February, 2011