Sizing Guide


Medium:   fits those with pant waist size of about 33 to 34 inch and smaller.
Large:   fits those with a pant waist of about 33 inches and larger.

* the KRAWLER placement changes with circumstances, but generally it will be positioned at or below your waist.  Some find it most effective and comfortable when positioned at their thighs and at times will be as low as your knees if you are squeezing below a duct or pipe. 


Small:   the most common size with about 50% of the users.
Medium:   the 2nd most common size used.
Large:   this fits up to about 10% of the users.

* a proper fitting respirator creates a seal to your face and prevents air leakage.  To check your respirator, remove the filters and position the respirator against your face.  Block the intake openings and breathe-in to verify proper fit and no air-leakage.